Leaving The Shire: San Diego to New York

January 5, 2017
It hasn't hit me yet that I am leaving home. I'm on the plane with an open seat between me and a grey haired retired engineer with a thick Jersey accent. Apparently he owns a condo in Solana Beach and visits San Diego in the winter. Now he's returning home to New Jersey and begins telling me all the things I must do in New York. I didn't ask about any of this but was made aware regardless. I assume he must have bad hearing because he was shouting loud enough for the whole plane to hear. "So you've never been to New York, eh?!" I shake my head and appreciate the empty seat between us. "Is there going to be a movie on this flight?!" he yells to the nearest flight attendant who looked a little frightened. ($10 tablets for rent) 

It was raining at Lindbergh Field as we took off in reverse direction. I've never left home in the rain and was shocked when the vent above started dripping on me a few minutes after take off, probably from all the water outside. It hasn't hit me yet that I won't be home in my bed for over half a year. I have committed to a vagabond life for an undetermined amount of time and yet it seems as if I'm only going for the weekend.

There's an east coast millennial hipster dad in a green flannel with massive head phones over his beanie carrying his hipster baby in a matching red flannel. How interesting it must be to be born and raised as a hipster kid. I feel like a stowaway on a plane filled with ordinary people going back to their ordinary lives, or maybe taking a break from their usual routine, and here I am about to wander a strange continent with not much stuffed into a small backpack, with such things as only 6 pairs of socks and laundry soap with a plastic sink stopper bought off Amazon so I can do my laundry in a Hostel sink.

I feel I must mention that I detest flying, it is in fact my least favorite thing to do that I continuously do on a regular occurrence. People are packed in like sardines as my grandma says. You get to meet interesting people and it looks like a couple two rows up could be falling into a romantic moment, but one can also meet people and make connections on a bus, which is also on the ground and has a very low risk of hitting turbulence. I generally prefer buses, but we shall see how I feel about that after I diversify my public transportation experiences among the cheap and paltry options Europe has to offer: Blah Blah Car, what the heck is that?! Stay tuned...

I'm sure it will hit me at some point. Perhaps once I make it onto the New York subway en route to Brooklyn. Many people are surprised when they learn I've never been to New York City before. I'm not sure why because it doesn't strike me as a top destination for a native Southern Californian to hit up by the time he's two dozen years old. I mean, I've never been to Las Vegas either! So New York, I have no expectations, no reservations. Let's see what your temptations to pull people in can do for a vagabond passing through.